Sheridan White Towels
Sheridan Towels

Conditions of Hire

1. Booking Agents Payments Due 7 Days after Invoice.

2. Items Damaged or Missing will be charged at replacement cost value. (List will be provided to Hirer)

3. Replacement charges will be deducted from Bond held by Beach House Linen Hire or Booking Agents to hold own Bond.

4. Hirer & Guest not to use Hire Linen/Towels to clean up.

Conditions of Delivery

1. Gate Codes and Lock Box to be present for Delivery of linen and bed make up.

2. Where entry is unattainable, hirer will be notified and a 2nd delivery fee will be charged.

3. Delivery is available during business operational hours at an agreed time.

Conditions of Pick up

1. Gate Codes and Lock Box codes required for Pick-up of linen.

Responsibility of Beach House Linen Hire

1. To provide high quality clean and fresh items.

2. Hirer will be notified of any damaged or missing goods and will have 24hrs to try and locate missing items.